Welcome to myHealth

Welcome to the myHealth Portal. This interactive digital portal allows Maltese citizens and their doctors to view their medical records.

If you have a Maltese e-ID, log in with your ID number and e-ID password to view your Case Summaries, upcoming Appointments, POYC entitlement, Laboratory Results, Medical Images, Medical Imaging Reports, Vaccination Records, Electrocardiograms and Personal Health Journal.

As a patient, use this portal to link to your doctor who will be notified when your data is available. Furthermore, you can personally record and manage your health data through the Personal Health Journal. Doctors linked to you through myHealth can see your results and reports as soon as they’re available. Parents and legal guardians can also acquire access to the medical records of their minor children and other persons who have been placed in their care.

As a doctor, you can sort, filter, and compare patient data easily. You can submit test requests, view Medical Images and patient-contributed health data. We are continuously working to add new functions to enhance your experience.

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