To access myHealth, please enter your ID number and e-ID password above.

If you don`t have a valid e-ID password, please call the e-ID Help Desk on 21226627 or 21226628.

If the e-ID Help Desk is not reachable, please send an email to

For information about e-ID, please go to this myGov link.

For help on myHealth, please go to the myHealth Help page.

myHealth: the Government of Malta's portal for online access to health records

This site is secured by the Government's electronic identity (e-ID) system, so the service is available to all those who have a Maltese e-ID and their e-ID delegates.  The e-ID is issued by Identity Malta, whose offices are located at Gattard House, Blata l-Bajda.  This office issues both the national e-ID card and e-ID passwords.

Patients and doctors of their choice can access personal health data through this site.  The following data becomes accessible from the morning after first log-in:

1) Mater Dei Hospital (MDH) Case Summaries (inpatient discharge letters from 2008 onwards),

2) Current Pharmacy of your Choice medicines entitlement

3) Future outpatient / clinic appointments at Government Hospitals (as recorded in the Patient Administration System).

4) Lab results and medical image reports (Biochemistry, Haematology, Immunology. Toxicology from 2008 onwards; Microbiology, Virology, Blood Bank, Histology and Cytology from December 2012 onwards).  For patients to see this data it has to be released to them by the doctor/s they are linked to in myHealth.

Patients may approach one or more doctors through myHealth, to give the doctor/s access to their data and to access results and reports released to them by their doctors in myHealth.

Patients and doctors can also set up email notifications.